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Hi everyone and welcome to WOMEN ROCK MAGAZINE! 


My name is Dee. I’m an Interior Designer. I’m also a Writer, Editor and proud owner of this beautiful empowering women’s magazine in which I am extremely proud. 


My passion for women runs very deep within as we are all in this together. We are a family unit. Whether we are Moms, Sister, Aunts, Grandmothers or friends, we have a sense of obligation towards one another. We protect each other , we stand by each other, we support each other. We have a deep appreciation for our species and we stand strong together.


My goal for creating this beautiful women’s magazine is to Inspire you, empower you, stand behind you and support you. Our beautiful women writers hold these goals close to their hearts as well when writing as they themselves want to be empowered and inspired. 


I feel a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that we here at Women Rock Magazine are helping out our beautiful women everywhere. Giving them an avenue to read about other women and their own personal stories has a profound effect on us. It inspires us, lifts us up. Whether it is on a personal level or a business level we all need to know and feel that we are in this together. Leaning on each other and growing from others’ experiences I feel is essential as it helps us learn and understand that being there for one another is a must and gives us a true sense of belonging. 






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